Iowa artist who does temp henna (mehndi) tattoos

About Me

Nameste. My name is Divya and i have been doing mehndi for over 15 years now.

My first experience with mehndi was when I went to India in 1996. My cousin’s wife put the mehndi on me and since then I have been addicted to it. I love how it is temporary and that I can change designs every time. It can be a simple little design to something very complex. When mehndi started to make it’s appearance on celebrities like Madonna, that is when I really got into it. I started doing it on myself for a while before I felt confident enough to try it out on other people. I was more into the simple stuff and just messing around with the designs. As my friends started asking for it, my designs got more and more complex.

It wasn’t until about early 1999 when I started to put the mehndi designs into my artwork. I was asked to do mehndi at an Indian function and I had made a huge poster with the mehndi designs. Since then I have created many works of art with the mehndi designs.

After that I took some art classes in college and my art teacher told me that I had a talent and that I should expand to other forms of art. So taking his advice I took classes in clay and enjoyed that a lot too. All the while I was asked to do mehndi for the friends of my parents which led into doing bridal mehndi.

That really motivated me into going further with my art. I have been asked to do many social events where Asians were the big theme. I have done numerous art shows. For the last few years I have been doing the mehndi at the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center’s Mela (Madrid, IA) which happens once a year. I took a break for a while in late 2004 to 2005 when my son was born. I didn’t have time to spend four hours plus on my art like I used too. I didn’t go out searching for the job, I let them come to me which was mainly for brides or if friends asked me.

Since my son started preschool I have started to devote myself back into my art and mehndi. I am now a full time artist and mother. I have started to make artwork that I sell as well as decorating all kinds of different things with the mehndi design. I have even made a few custom made artwork for friends and others. Just ask if you would like one too.

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