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Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec wrapping up 2012

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As usual I am so very slow on posting on my blog. I am not used to it actually. I post more on facebook than i do on my actual website . Anyways. To recap the last couple months.

Sept was full with the Des Moines Ren Faire for the first three weekends. Then the Ames Octagon festival. Wrapping up Sept we did a craft show at the state fairgrounds.

Oct we only did the ren faire in Sioux City. It was very cold that weekend. Even our little mascot was okay with hiding in his kennel all day just to keep out of the cold.

Nov and Dec was when we started the craft shows. This was something new for us. We also added something new to our line, christmas ornaments. We were amazed at how fast they went. We started off with only 36 of three different sizes. In our first craft show in Nevada, we nearly sold out of them! So we added more for the other two craft shows. Again we nearly sold out. The other big thing was we also sent a bunch to our friend who owns Curio Collective in Lincoln, NE. We sold a bunch there too.

We wrapped up 2012 with a craft show in Council Bluffs. We sold a bunch more ornaments there too as well as a bunch of glitter tattoos.


2012 has been an amazing year for us. We had nearly every weekend booked with a show or craft show. It was so awesome to hear of repeat customers! We did an amazing amount of work this year. Each year just gets better and better.

For 2013 we have a lot in store for the store too. We will be adding a lot more ornaments which we will be working on in the next few months to sell at shows but mostly at the craft shows. We will be taking some examples of our custom work in hopes of getting some custom work done. We have more things we will be selling at the shows we go too that will all be hand painted!

There is so much in store for 2013 and only two months to work on it before we get busy with some parties and lots of after proms and then shows. These two months will fly by fast but we are so excited to get back to work and to see our old friends and of course new ones! Keep checking back to see if we add anything on here. But the best way to watch what we are up to is via facebook (cause we can upload photos on that any time even during a show).

Sara and Joel

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You can view the photos of the work I had done for Sara's wedding back in 2011. The photographer was her sister, Shuva, who takes some really amazing photos. Check out her work too.

So behind on keeping up here

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I see that I have not posted anything in a long time. So sorry for that. I have been doing something every single weekend since April starting with after proms and then going into Ren Faires and other shows. We have not have a moment to even rest. Well ok we did get one fun day in while we were at Door County Ren Faire in WI. We stopped at the Wis Dells on the way home and had a little fun there. Other than that we haven't rested any. We are going on vacation between July 10th and July 30th to meet up with some family and even then I get to do some henna for family. I can't wait for that!!! When we come back we will be back to doing more shows until the mid of Oct. So as you can see I don't get a whole lot of time to post anything on here.

The newest thing we have added to our "store" is glitter tattoos done free hand. No stencils for this girl. I find it cheaper and easier not to use stencils... plus it can done by anyone but free hand takes a little talent... oops did i really say that LOL! ok ok ok I just had to say it... just once i would like to be able to blow my own horn.

Anyways we have been blessed to have been able to meet some amazing people. This is by far the best part of our job. We can't wait to meet more people.

Two Brides

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The first bride was from Iowa City and she was moving to Germany. Her henna came out beautifully!

The second bride was from Des Moines and it was a three day event. First day was her henna only. The other two days were for her guests. She picked the most amazing place to hold her special party up on the 34th floor at the Ruan Center. The view was simply amazing! The bride was so sweet and her henna came out great too!

Des Moines Market Day

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I love juried shows especially when I get in. The place was smaller space than what I was used too but then again I do not really take up that much space as it is. The people were awesome! I met some wonderful people and got a whole bunch of business cards out there. It was such a great day! I just wish I could do more of these.

Grinnell Art festival

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Grinnell, IA

This was a special festival for it was in my "backyard". The weather was perfect, not too hot not too cold for a summer day. I got to show off what I do in my town. Many people who live here, see me a lot around town and they always wondered what I do exactly LOL! It was fun to be one of the few art vendor who actually was from the town. It was a great day all in all. Can't wait for next year.

Artfest Midwest (the other artshow)

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Artfest Midwest

Varied Industries Building at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, IA

This was the biggest show for me, ever! I was beyond happy with the results! Met so many wonderful people. Sue (who ran the show) came and talked to me for a little bit and even her grandson got a henna tattoo. It was a the most amazing weekend ever! I hope to be back again next year.

State Center Rose Festival

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State Center, IA

This place was awesome! The people were great. Made good money and had a lot of fun.

Ames Art Walk

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This year they tried something new and that included me. I was put in a different location away from all the other artists. Why because they had a thing called music in the halfshell. So i was placed near the music. It was ok. I still made enough but was promised to be near the artists next year or to put more artists near the halfshell. I look forward to next year.

Iowa Reniassance Faire (Amana Colonies)

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This place was awesome! The camping area for the vendors/performers was so full that you could barely walk between the tents! I got their the friday before so i could set up. I was lucky and got inside the building which turned out to be a great thing. The weather wasn't very nice on both Sat or Sun. Business was really slow on Sunday not just for me but for everyone. Monday was a very special day. Not only was it the best in business but my hubby came out and supported me which was so awesome!!!

Dubuque Ren Faire

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What a weekend. It was filled with a lot of drama thanks to mother nature. Right before I had to pick up my son, it rained like anything!!! On the drive there, it was raining. About half way, the rain let up and the closer I got to Dubuque the better it was. I took my son again as he loves to go to work with Mommy. Here was where I saw a lot more of the new friends I had made last year. Sat morning it rained on us which didn't help. But the rest of Sat it was pretty nice. By the time my head hit the pillow i was out. It rained again at some point during the night but I invested in the wind curtain for my canopy and it was well worth it! Helped protect all of the things in my booth. Sunday started off pretty good. It was perfect until 3:30 pm. The weather changed and around 4 pm we came under a tornado watch. So as Lynne said, we wanted to end it on a good note. It took me only 20 mintues to pack up where it normally takes me like 45 min. When i felt the rain drops, I wanted out of there. Well if you take away the whole thing that mother nature did, it was a great weekend! I even met the owner's granddaughter for why the special needs camp was built and where the faire was held.

Iowa City after-prom

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Tom-tom had done it again! I always give myself a half hour before I am to arrive for things like this. Well that didn't matter. I still got lost. Turns out I was only three blocks away according to the gas station guy. So when i arrived they were ready for me. I found my spot and I didn't even have my stuff out when the line started. It was awesome! The kids were so nice. A couple of the guys even got some stuff done. It was a long night but so much fun. Saddly I ran out of time and had to leave ten kids hanging. My hand was really cramped or else I would have stayed and done it. I really hope they hire me again next year. I don't mind the whole staying up late, it makes me feel young and old all at the same time LOL!!!

Neb Ren Faire and Mother's Day

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Since it was Mother's Day weekend, I took my adorable six year old with me. I had the greatest weekend ever!!! I was pretty busy on Sat but on Sunday it was, wow!!! So many husbands and kids treated their wives (mothers) to a henna tattoo. My son did an amazing job too! Kept Mommy well hydrated by getting me lots of lemonaide and by behaving super awesome! It was the best mother's day weekend ever! Ok well so far LOL!!!

Neb Renaissance Faire

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Woohoo my first faire of the season! Ah and what a beautiful place Bellevue Berry and Pumpkin Patch is. There are five beautiful golden reterivers who look just like my baby back home. They make the three hours where home is, seem less far. It was a wonderful weekend. I caught up with some friends I made last year at the faires and made some new ones too. The drive home is never fun but that is a part of traveling for work LOL!!! Can not wait for next weekend, I get to go back :)

Drake Carnival 2011

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This was a very hard choice. My husband's grandfather had passed away and it was a day before the funeral that was six hours away. Since I had promised to be there, I kept my promise. The students really enjoyed the "simple" designs. They told me that my simple designs did not look that simple. It was a fairly good evening. After it ended I drove the six hours so i could support my husband in his and his family's time of need. I left the carnival at 7:10 pm and drove until 2:45 am. I shall never forget this year's carnival.  

After-prom in Wellman, IA

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Well getting to the place was bad. The GPS gave me the strangest route, lead me down a dirt road! But once i got there, everything was lovely! The kids were so polite, heard a lot of "please can i get this one" and "thank you" as well as "wow that is awesome"... On the drive home, the GPS did it to me again but no dirt roads.... I felt like crying and throwing my GPS out the window but I needed it... so i toughed it out and made it home. Thinking it is time for a new GPS LOL!!!

Pregnant Belly

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Met a very lovely lady who was expecting her third baby. She found two designs of artwork I had done that she wanted done on her belly and hand. Her little baby in her was very active and it was kinda funny to watch. It was a great time :D

After prom in Montezuma

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 I forgot how exciting prom is let alone the after prom party. I went to mine about eleven years ago. It was so magical even though I went with a group of girls. It is never easy to stay up all night for any reason but I had done it. And now eleven years later, I did the after-prom party in Montezuma. It was not that big of a school but they were so very lovely! I think almost every junior/senior girl got her henna done and many boys did too. The most popular design for the guys, the playboy bunny (go figure). It was a wonderful night. Then came the drive home. Thankfully I bought myself a red bull for the drive home which was so greatly needed.

2011 Dates

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2011 is the start of a great new year. Iowahenna has fully expanded and is going to be doing many of the Ren Faires in and around Iowa. So far we are set up for Neb Ren Faire for two weekends starting April 30th. Iowa Ren Fair (Amana Colonies) during the long weekend in May. Dubuque May 21/22nd. Midlands pirate (bellevue, ne), Des Moines Ren Faire for three weekends in Sept. Riverssance in Sioux City. Four Kingdoms with a new location. So far that is all i know. Keep checking back to see what else Iowahenna will be doing.

July 25th, 2009 @ Newton Speedway Newton, IA from 11 to 4pm

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Hello Friends


There is going to be a special day at the Newton Speedway in Newton, IA (about 40 min east of Des Moines, IA). It will be benefitting the March of Dimes which has a very special place in my own heart. I will be there doing my henna and selling some of my artwork. Part of my earnings for that day will be going to the March of Dimes. Please do come out and see me and get a henna tattoo too :)


With Love