Iowa artist who does temp henna (mehndi) tattoos

Henna crowns (Henna on the head)

 We will offer henna crowns for adults for $100, youth (under 18 to 12) for $60 and children under 12. WE DO HENNA CROWN FOR FREE IF YOU HAD CANCER (but there is a travel charge still unless you come to us then it is all free). for just decorating then it will cost money. A tip is always welcome but not required. 

We can do glitter on the head too. Just to make it pretty for photos..

We have been blessed to have done this on a couple cancer survivors. We have also done this on a couple men who were going bald or were fully bald. So henna crowns are done for many reasons.


This guy was nice enough to shave off the little hair he did have so I could try it out. This was done for example.






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