Iowa artist who does temp henna (mehndi) tattoos

Pregnant Belly

We are so happy to do a pregnant belly. We use the safest henna, no chemicals or dyes. We also use body safe medical adhesive glue that contains no latex. You can expect roughly an hour to do the work. You can do either just your belly or do it as a party (where the mom to be goes first and then her guests). The only thing is that you need to leave the henna on at least four hours to get a good color.

 We can do glitter belly designs too. It costs slightly more because we use a lot of glitter.

 We are also getting into doing belly casts. Those can be done along with the henna or glitter or alone. (first the casting is done then the henna or glitter)

Pregnant belly henna ASK

baby shower party  for mom to be and up to 10 people. aSK

pregnant belly glitter ASK

baby shower party with glitter for mom to be and up to 10 people ASK

for both parties any additional people will be based on number of people







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