Iowa artist who does temp henna (mehndi) tattoos

WARINGS about henna, glitter, face painting

We proudly only use the safest products for our customers especially since we often get children as young as three wanting our stuff. We try and not do art on children under three if they are squirming or flat out saying no. We believe in respecting a child's choice in that sense. Now some times people can be allergic to something and just not know it or some times the soap/wet wipes used in the process of removing. So please keep that in mind.


We have decided to include some photos we found on google that show what problems can happen when non-FDA products are used or are used wrongly. We will put them at the bottom so you can at least read the warnings without actually having to see the photos unless you wish too.  



First and most important we are going to start with henna. There is NO SUCH THING AS BLACK HENNA!!!! It is nothing but a PPD or Para-phenylenediamine.

Para-phenylendiamine based black hair dye should never be put straight on your skin, plain, or mixed with other material.   Synthetic Black Hair Dye is illegal to put on skin, because that is not an approved use.  Even when this dye is applied to hair, people must wear gloves, and they try to not get it on the scalp!  PPD, Para-phenylendiamine can seriously injure people.  Para-phenylenediamine is a strong sensitizer, transdermal toxin and potential carcinogen.  Many people get itching, blistering and hair loss from using black hair dye on their hair. (taken from the as they have explained it best).

Henna is a green plant powder.  If its  mixed with water will turn brown in a few hours.

PPD "Black Henna" is a blackish brown or black powder.  If its mixed with water, black dye will drain out

The same is said of premade henna cones. Those are known to have gasoline in them to help bring out the color better and has chemicals to keep it "fresh" too.


Always make sure that the person is using ONLY cosmetic grade glitter not craft glitter. There is a HUGE difference. Cosmetic glitter is ment for the body while craft glitter is not.



Always make sure the paint that they are using is NOT liquid and is FDA approved. Never let your child get painted if they are using acrylic paint as that has known to cause rashes where the paint has been left on the skin. Yes even the Walmart face paint is not good even though it says it is ment for the face. Better to get the good quality stuff like TAG, Wolfe brothers, Paradise, Silly farm, arty cakes, and global paints just to name a few.



Photos follow below this line... choose to view at your own risk.  







 this was taken from 



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